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fractional creative direction to help you get seen.

MJC MKTG provides brand clarity for businesses of all sizes. Our process makes your vision clear with research, and essential, affordable, and completely unique brand tools that streamline your marketing and gain you loyalty.
Save time. Save money. Be clear.  

If you make violins or empanadas

WE GIVE YOU a clear creative direction.

your brand deserves to be seen.

Let's be clear. We love to work hard and have fun doing it. We love to explore and learn about the food, art, and culture of new places.

Your business is important to your community. It provides the unique culture in which you thrive, and in which we like to live and explore.


We want to help grow your company by giving you the tools to make your brand clear.

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Clarifying your vision with discussion, easy questions, industry research, and data to determine your target audience and how to reach them.



Creating a book that documents who you are, what you look like and what you sound like, so that all your communications are clear and consistent. 


design tool kit

Patterns, textures, graphics, fonts, color swatches - A brand tool kit you can send to designers and copywriters so they can work faster and save you money- all while creating on-brand designs and copy. 


brand management

An experienced, professional eye on your communications to ensure they they remain aligned with your goals and brand identity. 


creative services

Logos, websites, video-pre-production, photography, copywriting and other creative services that help make your vision clear to your customers. 

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