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a clear brand dictionary

Brand/branding/brand strategy definitions are blurry, but we'll try to help you see clearly.

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The all-encompassing identity of an organization. It's like the ego of the human mind, responsible for our personal identity. Your brand is your organizational identity and should inform your business and communication decisions. It starts with your mission, vision, and values.

brand strategy

Brand strategy is what and how your organization provides and communicates a needed product or service to a target market.


As people's needs change, your organization may evolve and provide new products and/or new ways of communicating with your audiences.


Your strategy may change but your brand (aka ego aka core) can, and probably should, remain the same - unless you are failing miserably. 


Branding is how you look, sound and act. Your brand and brand strategy inform your branding elements.

brand book

A brand book is your organization's "bible." Your brand book provides guidance, instruction, and information on all things brand related and is an essential resource for providing a consistent experience for your customers and staff.


Your logo is not your brand, but an element of your branding. It's a simple, memorable mark that your identifies you quickly.

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