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What's that gritty, rag tag, photo above? That was my gallery. That was Gallery 99. It's birth was during the recession when empty storefronts lined small downtowns. Squatting in a building without any running water, Gallery 99 attracted business through targeted art events. Artists and farm boys came together for demolition derby art shows. African immigrants played drums on the sidewalk. And art made its way into homes for under $100. Gallery 99 eventually moved out of the little space and I started doing pop up exhibits at local businesses that brought new customers into restaurants, breweries, and shops. We had a show in a bakery. That octopus and that pop art petri dish piece is bread! During a time of economic strife and political uncertainty, I created a pretty punk rock art scene with cool events, creative design, and grassroots marketing. Gallery 99 informally dissolved around 2015. Read Isthmus' write up on Gallery 99 here. 

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