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Move Forward on these Forward Fest Takeaways

I am feeling totally refreshed after attending The Forward Technology Conference at the Memorial Union on the UW-Madison campus. The Forward Technology Conference, in connection with The Forward Festival, Wisconsin's largest technology conference, is great way to network with and learn from friendly, smart, and passionate entrepreneurs and leaders. Although the festival has 10 years under its belt, this was my first time. Here are my top five easy, actionable takeaways that will help your brand gain exposure and be seen clearly.

1. Go to Forward Fest next year (or there is still time this year!). As I said above, it is full of friendly, smart, helpful people who want to see you succeed. The festival includes many free or affordable events. I attended the Forward Technology conference, a half day of sessions with lunch, dinner and FREE BEER (We are in Wisconsin after all) for only $50. You still have time to attend more events this year so check out the link.

2. Do Facebook stories. They will reward you with more exposure. This tip provided by Josh Clemons of Reverbal Communications. This guy loves social media. See more about social on his website

3. Make a video that explains why you do what you do. Here's how:

Think about your childhood and your dreams and challenges. How did it lead you to where you are today? Then ask yourself these questions and restate them when you are talking to the camera.

Why is what you are doing important to the world? (i.e. My work impacts the world by....)

Why are you passionate about your work? (i.e. I'm passionate about the work we do because....)

Easy, right? If not, hook up with to learn more. (I'll be working on my video and will share it in the near-ish future.)

Clouds North also suggested a tripod or selfie stick. Corey made me a makeshift camera stand. Steins are not just for drinking beer anymore!

Phone sitting on top of beer stein, resting on lid.
In a pinch, Corey cleverly created this beer stein camera stand.

4. Your website should have a call to action every time the visitors scrolls down the page. Thanks Jocelyn from

5. Reverse the Golden Rule. You know, essentially treat others as you want to be treated. Business owners, we are hard on ourselves. 49% of entrepreneurs report having a mental health condition. So, treat yourself like you treat others. (If you are nice to people.)

Be clear. Be kind (especially to yourself), be consistent.

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