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Wisconsin Historical Society Recruitment Video

Wisconsin Historical Society Recruitment Video

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The Wisconsin Historical Society was in need of creative direction and a leader who could get everyone on the same page. Each historic site (there are 12) along with three other divisions, were creating their own marketing materials without any creative guidelines. I gathered samples, resurfaced the brand work that had been done years ago, assembled a team, and went to work. What resulted is a clear, straightforward, comprehensive brand book. Each site has its own brand story and colors that inform the copy and design. I implemented a creative request process that utilizes a central designer for all marketing materials and brand check offs.  We created templates for more straightforward needs. This Society now moves forward with creative clarity. 

Society Brand Book Cover.jpg
Click above to see full book.

video pre-production

Recruitment videos are important to any brand. They share the culture, mission, and vision, and attract talent that will fulfill the goals of the organization while fitting in. The Wisconsin Historical Society wanted to increase their candidate pool and draw applicants from around the country as they work towards building a new state-of-the-art museum in Madison. I positioned the organization as the "Future of History" with the intention of inspiring passionate innovators to the organization who will strive to reach the Society's vision of providing unparalleled access to history. (Video produced by Jason Weiss Video)